New England Patriots Super Bowl Odds

New England Patriots LogoThe New England Patriots have now clinched the AFC title and will be making a record-breaking ninth Super Bowl appearance on February 5th, 2017. Following the 36-17 defeat of the Steelers, potential MVP Tom Brady will be looking to become the first QB in NFL history to win five Super Bowls. Based on the New England Patriots Super Bowl 51 betting odds and an overall phenomenal season, the Patriots are highly favored to make this happen. The team went 14-2 with a number of players setting NFL and career highs. Most obviously, Tom Brady missed four games and was still able to set the record for best touchdown to interception ratio in a season. After a 1-yard rush against the Broncos, RB LeGarrette Blount broke the NFL’s single-season rushing touchdown record. Belichick also won his 200th regular-season game with the Patriots, joining the ranks of only four other head coaches to do so with a single franchise. We have followed the New England Patriots all season long, and they are finally just one game away from winning it all. We will keep you up to date on the latest NE Patriots Super Bowl betting odds, popular prop bets, and more on this page!

Current Super Bowl LI Odds For The New England Patriots

The Patriots are favored to win Super Bowl 51 and have consistently dominated their division. New England has had eight Super Bowl appearances, six of which featured legendary quarterback Tom Brady, and four of the six were wins. With the Patriots having a 14-2 season and Brady setting the NFL record for best touchdown-to-interception ratio, the team’s longstanding position as Super Bowl LI favorites has only been solidified. According to BetOnline, the Pats are front-runners to win their 5th Vince Lombardi trophy, with the New England Patriots odds to win Super Bowl 51 at -159.

Current Super Bowl LI Odds For The New England Patriots

With Super Bowl 51 right around the corner, oddsmakers have posted hundreds of New England Patriots proposition bets. Prop bets will either be based off of team performance, individual players, or the general game. Furthermore, there are subcategories of props such as QB props, receiving props, rushing props, and specials. Some of the best NE props on the board right now are Tom Brady’s Super Bowl MVP odds at -110, along with total interceptions by Tom Brady and total New England sacks. LeGarrette Blount is expected to be the first player to score a touchdown with +650 odds, and the odds that New England’s first scoring play will be a touchdown are -185. These odds are currently posted at BetOnline, and more are expected to come as Super Bowl LI draws nearer.

New England Patriots Super Bowl LI Odds Tracker
SUPER BOWL -145 -157 -158
SUPER BOWL -155 -158 -158
SUPER BOWL +150 +135 +133
CONFERENCE -180 -180 -184
SUPER BOWL +180 +165 +165
CONFERENCE -180 -180 -184
DIVISION -200 -300 -320
SUPER BOWL +600 +700 +785
CONFERENCE +300 +350 +365
DIVISION -225 -220 -215
New England Patriots Super Bowl 51 Odds
Last Updated Betting Lines
  -145 1/30 +180 1/9 -225 12/18
-157 1/30 +180 1/9 -220 12/18
-158 1/30 +184 1/9 -215 12/18
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