Super Bowl Odds For The Washington Redskins

Washington Redskins Logo Super Bowl odds for the Washington Redskins in 2019 will be readily available on all major US sportsbooks for the 2019 season. Despite everything they will be bringing into the new season this year, Washington’s season last year doesn’t shimmer too much hope in 2019-2020. Last season, the Redskins came into the year without Kirk Cousins under center for the first time since 2011, after he opted to go to Minnesota during free agency. After a literal carousel of quarterbacks that were used throughout the year, Washington ended up with a 7-9 record and did not qualify for the playoffs. Heading into the new season, sportsbooks aren’t too high on the Redskins chances at a deep playoff run, but in the sport of football, anything goes.

Before the team can warrant talk of a serious playoff run, they will need to become the big dogs of the NFC East. Unfortunately, that title has been held, respectively, by the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys for the last three seasons. Both of them are legitimate contenders to win the NFC this year, which doesn’t help Washington’s odds at a Super Bowl run. In order for Washington to succeed this season, they will need two things to happen indefinitely. The Redskins will need above-average play from their first-round pick, Dwayne Haskins, as well as winning roughly nine games to put them in a wildcard spot. Check out US sportsbooks to stay up to date on the best lines and spreads for the Redskins Super Bowl LIV Odds in 2019-20.

Odds For Washington Redskins To Win Super Bowl 54

Odds for the Washington Redskins to win Super Bowl 54 this year look a little far-fetched and for good reason. With no definitive quarterback solution and a running back coming off a season-ending ACL injury, the Washington offense has a lot of ground to cover in the division and the conference. Sportsbooks are in agreeance here as the Redskins are not big favorites at all to represent the NFC in the biggest game in the NFL season. The first step Washington would need to take is getting a better footing in the NFC East. With a team constructed to take down their division rivals and a winning divisional record, then it's possible Washington could creep their way into the playoffs via wildcard bid. As far as a deep playoff run or a realistic shot for the Redskins in Super Bowl 54? That will be up to the team and its players. One thing for sure is that major online sportsbooks like Bovada and MyBookie will be following the Redskins Super Bowl odds all season.

Odds For Washington Redskins To Win NFC East

The odds for the Washington Redskins to win the NFC East will likely be slim in 2019. And not because of even because there is significant doubt the Redskins won succeed this year. It has more to do with two other teams in the division currently. The Philadelphia Eagles come into the year with their MVP caliber quarterback back with a complimentary top 15 defense. The Dallas Cowboys, on the other hand, are returning their franchise quarterback and the 2018 rushing leader back to their offense and look to make waves in the upcoming season. The two teams are projected to be atop the NFC standings and Washington has a combined 8-12 record between the two teams in their last 20 games. It's not necessarily the best look, but we’ve seen bigger turnaround stories in the NFL. Online sportsbooks will also be featuring NFC East odds all season long.

Odds For Washington Redskins To Win NFC Conference

Odds for the Redskins to win the NFC Conference will likely be slim as well. Washington bettors will already have to face the difficult decision on who to wager on during divisional matchups. Once the Redskins play NFC teams outside of their division, it will sink in just how much talent they are lacking in comparison to some of the NFL’s better teams. The Redskins, if they were able to qualify for a playoff spot, would face difficult teams right off the bat. The Minnesota Vikings, Chicago Bears, Seattle Seahawks, Los Angeles Rams, and the New Orleans Saints all come to mind as teams that would stand in the way of a Redskins run to the NFC Championship game. Still, it doesn't hurt to put money on NFC odds for the Redskins at online sportsbooks.

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Mobile Betting On The Washington Redskins To Win SB54

Mobile Super Bowl BettingMobile betting on the Washington Redskins to win Super Bowl 54 this year will make wagering on the Redskins that much more exciting this year. Where Redskins fans would once need to wait until they were home to update wagers or check up on lines for their team, mobile betting now takes all aspects of an online sportsbook and converts it into a usable mobile sportsbook for convenience sake. Most of the major sportsbooks online have converted their sportsbook into either a mobile app or a mobile edition of the desktop version. BetOnline and MyBookie are dominating the mobile betting market and offer new betters an all-around new experience to a more convenient way of betting. Redskins bettors who are constantly on the go should look into mobile Super Bowl betting.

In-Game Super Bowl 54 Odds On The Washington Redskins

Live Super Bowl BettingIn-game Super Bowl odds on the Washington Redskins for Super Bowl is another relatively new feature arriving in the betting landscape. With this feature, Washington bettors will be able to place Super Bowl bets on the Redskins before AND during the live game! Live betting gives bettors a new and exclusive look into betting and adds another layer of skill to be able to make quick and decisive game decisions to make the most of your bet. Imagine the Redskins having a Hollywood movie type of season and found their way into Super 54. Washington is up by two points and the opposing team has the ball on the 25-yard line with less than a minute to go. Are you willing to make an in-game bet that the Redskins defense will hold the team off and win the game?

Sites With Washington Redskins Super Bowl Odds

Sites with Washington Redskins Super Bowl odds are either US-based or offshore. Most Redskins fans will be interested to know which sites are the most reputable and which sites aren’t worth signing up with. Many of the trusted sportsbooks that are used daily have a lengthy tenure, great reputation sports bettors alike, and an overall great online or mobile product. Many of the mainstream sportsbooks like Bovada, MyBookie, and 5Dimes come to mind. Each sportsbook is different in their own way and likeness to each individual bettor.

Bovada Review

Bovada Super Bowl Betting

Sportsbook Rating

Most Trusted Sportsbook + $250 Welcome Bonus

Bovada is one of the more trusted online sportsbooks in today’s betting world. The trust of the website was garnered through years and years of a consistent product for bettors in North America. Over time, the sportsbook earned a reputation as trustworthy with thousands of daily bets to choose from. They also have also yet to miss a payout as well as having some of the best sportsbook customer service lines. If you Redskins fans are new to the legal sports betting game, you will have no problems with this site. Considering the strength of the division in the NFC East and Bovada’s history of accurate lines, this sportsbook is the route to take for Washington fans.

Bovada also has promotions and bonus codes to use for first-time players (as well as active users). One of the featured Bovada promotions is there $250 welcome bonus that is offered to new users only. In order to utilize the welcome bonus, you must first make an initial deposit. After the promotion has been selected and the first deposit has been made, Bovada will give you 50% of the initial deposit, up to $250. After the site processes your promotion, you will receive your bonus within 30 minutes.

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MyBookie Review

MyBookie Super Bowl Betting

Sportsbook Rating

Best Sportsbook Interface +$20 Risk-Free Bet

MyBookie is a well trusted online sportsbook that opened for business in 2014. Although the site is relatively new to the online sports betting world, Washington Redskins bettors can rest assured that MyBookie has earned the trust of sports bettors all over. After leaping into the scene, it became very apparent that MyBookie was different in the way they appealed to their users. The first thing Redskins fan will notice is the integrated interface the sportsbook uses that allows for easy browsing of the website and easy to use features on the website.

From there, MyBookie has plenty of game lines to bet on as well as props and futures bets. Once signed up on the platform, there will be a number of initial user bonus options for you to take advantage of on your first deposit. For Redskins bettors who want the most from their bonus, the site also offers a risk-free $20 sports bet on said first deposit. In order to qualify, however, you must bet a minimum of $20. Once the bet has been placed, you will need to wait until it has been graded. If for any unfortunate reason you lose your wager, MyBookie will refund the deposit up to $20.

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5Dimes Sportsbook

5Dimes Super Bowl Betting

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5Dimes entered the online sports betting game early in the early 2000s. For nearly 20 years, 5Dimes has provided Redskins bettors and sports fans alike a quality product with accurate lines on nearly all of their events. The one thing that separates 5Dimes from other online sportsbooks is their betting menu. It is typical to see dozens of separate sports lines daily as well as some of the sharpest odds for the big games on Sundays. Another big reason for the sportsbook's popularity is right in the name of the website.

The sportsbook has long been known as the site that offers bets as low as five dimes or (50 cents). With the variety of sports, lines, and events to choose from, its no shocker to see 5Dimes still going strong after almost two decades. New Player deposits from $100 to $400 will receive a 50% Free-Play Reward, up to a total of $200 in Free-Play. If the deposit amount is more than $400 and is up to $2000, it will also qualify for an additional 20% Free-Play Reward. Bet on Super Bowl odds for the Redskins at 5Dimes for the lines.

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BetOnline Sportsbook
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