NFC West Betting Odds

Betting odds for the NFC West give bettors an excellent opportunity to wager on who will win the division. From the NFL draft and preseason to the first weeks of games up until the last, the betting odds are always available and fluctuate depending on the teams’ performances. Knowing how the odds move is important for any bettor, and knowing when to bet on the divisional title is just as important. With teams like the Seattle Seahawks and Los Angeles Rams, the odds to win the NFC West generally revolve around these two franchises.

The Arizona Cardinals and San Francisco 49ers are the other two teams in the NFC West and have had their own success within the division. This is one of the streakiest divisions, as the Rams, Seahawks, 49ers, and Cardinals have all won at least two NFC West titles in a row since the 2008 season. Since the NFL realignment in 2002, the Seahawks have won the most titles (8) followed the three other remaining teams with three wins each. With this parity, finding odds that pay out well come much easier, as the odds will also be changing due to records and in-division matchups.

Seattle Seahawks Betting Odds

Seattle’s franchise has been one of the most consistent over the past decade. Since 2012, the Seahawks have won the division three times and have finished with at least 10 wins in all but one season. The Super Bowl-winning team of 2013 is definitely a thought of the past, but the Seahawks have managed to stay afloat with a changing offensive mindset.

The Seahawks entered the season with the second-best odds but still were well above the level of EVEN. As the Rams were the heavy favorite, early bettors on the Seahawks to win the NFC West are to be rewarded with a nice payout should they accomplish this goal. The Seahawks odds have fluctuated but took a slight drop after the San Francisco 49ers entered the season on a hot start.

Los Angeles Rams Betting Odds

The Rams have taken control of the NFC West, having won the last two division titles. Winning 11 games in 2017 and 13 games in 2018, this team is led by its high-flying offensive firepower behind head coach Sean McVay. Before McVay’s arrival, the team continually finished in third or fourth amongst the divisional opponents and found themselves at 7-9 to end the season a handful of times.

Times have certainly changed, as this Rams team went to the Super Bowl last year. Opening as the favorites to win the NFC West, the Rams have kept their status as the favorite, but have seen their odds come closer to EVEN. Expect them to shoot back up into a high negative number, assuming they win some divisional games. With some much media hype and success behind them, oddsmakers can’t afford to offer positive betting odds.

Arizona Cardinals Betting Odds

The Cardinals have struggled since their back to back playoff berths in 2014 and 2015. After winning the division in 2015, they have fallen down the chain each year, finished second, then third, then fourth. The 3-13 season in 2018 allowed them to draft Kyler Murray as the number 1 draft pick but even with Murray’s athleticism and Heisman-accolade, oddsmakers weren’t impressed.

The Cardinals opened the year with the worst odds to win the NFC West. Coming in well behind the pack, the Cardinals opened the year with odds almost five times more than the third-favorite in the 49ers. Their odds will only continue to decrease, as the powerhouses of this division win more games. However, if a few years, expect this Cardinals team to shock the division, and when they do, you better hope you put down some action on it.

San Francisco 49ers Betting Odds

The Niners have taken the betting world by storm this year. Opening well outside of the two favorites’ odds, the Niners have jumped up after an impressive start of the year. Kyle Shanahan is in his third season and has only finished third and fourth in the division. If he can prove he can battle with the Seahawks and Rams all season long, expect to see some respect from oddsmakers in the near future.

No team has finished in fourth place of the NFC West more than the Niners. Since 2015, they have held the bottom position in three seasons, but they are doing their best to change their past trends. As one of the more inexperienced teams in the division, they might be able to string together a solid season, but oddsmakers are keeping them well away from the Rams, showing that they expect a tumble.

Best Sportsbooks To Bet On The NFC West

If a bettor has the ability to join multiple sports betting sites, they should hop on the luxury as soon as they can. It may seem rather moot, but joining multiple sites allows for bettors to shop lines, which is a way to say they can browse different odds about the various sportsbooks. One site may offer the Rams to win the NFC West as the favorite, while another might have them as a slight underdog. Following the different sportsbooks is crucial to making money in the long term. These sites are the ones we recommend you join, due to their quick and easy deposit and withdrawal methods as well as their various betting options and trusted customer service.

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Using Bovada is a breeze, and their online betting platform clearly organizes every betting line you could think of. For the NFL action, they not only have futures odds like who will win the NFC West, but buy they also allow bettors to choose a team’s season-long win total, prop bets on each game, and other futures wagers like who will win the Super Bowl. Signing up is free and bettors are rewarded with a 50% welcome bonus the moment they sign up.

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MyBookie may be one of the newer and unknown sites, but their lack of experience does not equate to an inexperienced bookmaker. This site offers betting lines on pretty much anything you could think of and the NFL action is no different. From parlays and round-robins to futures and if bets, MyBookie will post odds on the NFC North championship as well as every other division and conference. They even have special odds on whether a team will go undefeated and who will take over a starting coaching or quarterback role.

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