2015 Super Bowl XLIX Betting Odds

Betting on the Super Bowl odds is always a huge topic during the NFL season and especially in the weeks and days leading up to the game itself. Every year, oddsmakers formulate betting lines for so many different things related to the game, both on and off the field. Almost anything you can think of has been covered by the oddsmakers and are available to bet at Super Bowl online betting sites, like the ones we have listed here. Keep reading more to learn how these odds work, where to bet on them, plus see some of the Super Bowl odds that are offered for this year's Big Game!!!

2015 Super Bowl Betting Odds

The Jacksonville Jaguars come into the 2014 NFL season as the team perceived to have the longest shot to win Super Bowl XLIX.

How far are they?

The Denver Broncos are at the head of the class, installed at 6/1 at Bovada Sportsbook. Jacksonville is slightly behind, slated at 250/1 to win the championship. The other 30 teams in the league fall somewhere in between.

Teams like the Seattle Seahawks (last year's champions) are right there with Denver sitting at 11/2. But for every Seattle, there is an Oakland, Cleveland, or the New York Jets.

With Week 1 of the 2014 NFL season getting underway this week, teams will begin to form identities and shape the course of their seasons. The same can be said for 2015 Super Bowl futures. These odds are available now, and will continue to be revised after each week's game action.

Will Denver and Seattle remain on top of the odds for the entire season? Only time will tell. They did last year for the most part, but this is a completely new season.

Ways To Bet On The Super Bowl

There are a great number of betting types ingrained into the odds For betting the Super Bowl. These betting types have made betting on the Super Bowl much more extensive then a straight up bet. You will see multi forms of wagering surrounding these events, so make sure you either choose the simplest one or that you do your research prior to placing a wager. The main three wagers you will find on this event will be the money line, the spread, and the total score. As expected, the money line is on who will win the game, the spread is who will win or lose by what number of points, and the total wager is, to put it simply, whether you think the score will exceed or fall short of the number of points set by the sports book.

Other types of Super Bowl betting odds are available as well, though these are some what different from the main lines. Proposition bets, or prop bets, are one of the most exciting moments int he entirety of the Super Bowl. These Super Bowl betting lines are those that will let you place wagers on individual events in the game - who will win the coin toss, who will score first, who will catch the most passes, and similar events. Pleasers and teasers are also occasionally offered on these betting lines, though hold them not to heart, as you may not find them through every online sportsbook.

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We get our SuperBowl odds from Bovada and other online sports betting sites. All of our odds are updated on a regular basis and you should bookmark us for future reference. If you are not a regular sports bettor, we suggest you learn how to read NFL betting odds before you start betting.